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sUrface1030 Archetype Extreme Mousepads 05:44 PM Source:  Hardware Chat
Func Industries, the inventor of the double-sided mousing surface, reinvents its flagship product with the announcement of the sUrface1030 Archetype.

Rocklin, California, October 17, 2005:

Func Industries, manufacturer of PC gaming accessories, announces today the latest in a series of recent product offerings, the sUrface1030 Archetype. In a major revision to the sUrface1030, Func’s award-winning flagship product, the Archetype offers an impressive new design and improvements in all of its key design attributes. It also marks the beginning of what Func promises to be an unprecedented level of personalization for its customers.

The sUrface1030 Archetype comes in two versions, both comprised of a double-sided mousing surface which rests in a new durable hard base. The standard version comes with a base that has a plush, soft-feel finish and the MBA version comes with a base that has been machined out of a block of aluminum alloy for those who want the very best and are willing to spend a bit more for it. Both bases are accented with a two-tone anodized silver badge logo on the side and a 3-D Func Industries logo at the top.

The sUrface1030 Archetype also includes the most complete package of performance features available; a rigid base with a large footprint of 11.5” x 9.5”, non-slip feet made from a unique high-grip material, and a newly designed mouse cord clip.

Func will allow individuals and gaming teams to personalize mousing surfaces for their sUrface1030 Archetype with their favorite textures, graphics, and text. These customizable replacement surfaces will be sold separately and will be available for purchase online later this year.

“Gamers, much like athletes, choose equipment not only by its performance, but by how it accommodates their own personal style” said Craig Rogers, CEO of Func Industries. “Our [Func’s] mousing surfaces currently accommodate an individual’s preferences with an unprecedented level of surface texture and size choices, but we will soon also allow our customers to fully personalize their surface sheets to suit their own unique style.”

The sUrface1030 Archetype and sUrface1030 Archetype MBA come with an embossed tin carrying case and have a suggested retail price of $24.99 and $39.99 USD respectively. Product will begin shipping on 10.30.2005. Pricing for customized surface sheets will be released at a future date.

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