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Headline News
Proposal Kit 9 Update 10:56 PM Source:  Proposal Kit
Redmon, WA (Press Release) - announced the latest Proposal Kit upgrades released 3/3/05 from to their customer mailing list.

The 2005 Proposal Kit Pro 9.5 includes over 140 pages of new material (based on V8.0) including new contract and agreement templates, proposal templates, checklists and sample proposals. This is the 2nd part of our 2005 release. In January we upgraded our Proposal Kits and Proposal Packs with 80 pages of new proposal and sample material.

For our Proposal Kit Pro 9.0 and Contract Pack Pro 7.0 users this latest release adds 22 new contract and agreement templates for a variety of web and other computer/media/IT service needs. Complete details of all the new additions and upgrade details are on our web site (see the Whats New link below).

We have also upgraded our Proposal Kit Standard, Contract Pack Standard, Estimate Pack, Web Plan Kit and Interview Software products with new material.

Click here for the complete list of additions to all of the products:

If you are a customer using any of the upgraded products submit the upgrade request form. All upgrade information can be found here:

Proposal Pack Wizard has also been upgraded to version 2.6. this is a free maintenance release for anyone already using a previous version of Proposal Pack Wizard.

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